Meet the EP behind The Jinx, Capturing the Friedmans, and Catfish: The Show

Location: New York

Our 'Meet the EP' conversations help connect creators to established executive producers who can share insights on what it takes to develop, sell, and produce a television show in 2023. Understand what producers are thinking when they sit across the table from you during a pitch meeting, hear what they think about which projects the industry actually wants, and learn how they develop ideas into compelling, long-form, multi-season TV shows.

Guest: Marc Smerling

Marc Smerling is an Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated producer, writer, director, and cinematographer. He's a pioneer in true crime, producing documentaries and podcasts for TRUTH.MEDIA.

He was nominated for an Oscar for Capturing the Friedmans in 2003, and co-wrote and produced The Jinx, a six-part HBO documentary on suspected murderer Robert Durst.

He executive produced HBO's Mind Over Murder and directed A Wilderness of Error. He co-wrote/produced All Good Things.

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